Program Planning Information

The OU MLIS program is structured around the concept that a well-rounded grounding in the discipline includes knowledge of the LIS field, understanding management/administration, working with people, the structure of organization principles, knowledge of technology, an ability to conduct research, and specialization in chosen topic areas. The core (required) courses reflect this model and it is also referenced in the way the electives are often listed. Electives can be broadly chosen across this structure, or they can be concentrated in special interest areas. 

Required Courses
LIS 5033 Information and Knowledge Society - Should be taken the first semester
LIS 5023 Management of Information and Knowledge Organizations
LIS 5043 Organization of Information and Knowledge Resources
LIS 5053 Information Users in the Knowledge Society
LIS 5063 Information and Communication Technology
LIS 5713 Research and Evaluation Methods - Generally taken the last semester

LIS 5343 Archival Concepts
LIS 5463 Archival Representation
LIS 5473 Documents and Records Management
LIS 5563 Archival Appraisal
LIS 5653 Preservation of Information Materials
LIS 5827 Internship (in an archival setting)
LIS 5970 Digital Curation

LIS 5133 Biomedical Bibliography and Reference Materials
LIS 5163 Biomedical Databases
LIS 5827 Internship (in a medical or health information setting)
LIS 5970 Health Informatics
LIS 5970 Community Health Information

Youth Librarianship
LIS 5183 Books and Materials for Children
LIS 5193 Books and Materials for Young Adults
LIS 5283 School Library Media Center Administration
LIS 5970 Makerspaces: Theory and Practice

Technology for Information Studies
LIS 5223 Information Technology Management
LIS 5533 Introduction to Instructional Technology (taught in the College of Education)
LIS 5613 Dynamic Web Development
LIS 5633 Design and Implementation of Web-Based Information Services
LIS 5683 Database Design for Information Organizations

Focus on People, Reference, and Users
LIS 5123 Literature and Methods for Readers' Advisory Services
LIS 5173 Multicultural Librarianship
LIS 5203 Leadership in Information Organizations
LIS 5213 Social Informatics
LIS 5253 Community Relations and Advocacy
LIS 5503 Information Literacy and Instruction
LIS 5513 Information Sources and Services
LIS 5523 Online Information Retrieval

Collection Management 
LIS 5403 Cataloging and Classification
LIS 5413 Indexing and Abstracting
LIS 5443 Collection Development and Management
LIS 5453 Digital Collections

Data Science
LIS 5623 Introduction to Data Mining for Information Professionals
LIS 5673 Introduction to Information Visualization

Other General Electives
LIS 5143 Government Information
LIS 5253 Oklahoma Information Environment 

Program Planning & Advising Documents

The program planning form is a tool that you will use in consultation with your advisor to estimate which courses you will take which semesters to complete your degree: MLIS Program Planning Form

Transfer Credit Petition

Students may transfer up to 9 hours of courses from other OU departments or from outside institutions. A student's advisor can approve other OU courses, but courses from other institutions must be reviewed through petition by the Graduate Studies Committee.

School Library Media Certification Documents

Program Planning Guidelines

Assessment Surveys

NOTE: These surveys are to be taken during the first and final semesters for the Oklahoma State Board of Education mandated portfolio for School Library Certification.


 End-of-Program Assessment Materials

The OU Graduate College requires master's students to complete an end-of-program assessment (EPA). The approved EPAs in SLIS are comprehensive exams, portfolios, and theses. You must declare your EPA intent by the end of your first semester in the program, and your choice requires your advisor's approval. If you choose the thesis option, 2 of your required 12 master's courses will be thesis hours so you will complete 30 hours of regular courses and 6 hours of thesis.

SLIS Student Guide to 3 End-of-Program Assessment Options: A Comparison 

SLIS Student Guide to the Comprehensive Examination for the Master's Degree (Handbook)

SLIS Thesis Guidelines 

SLIS Student Guide to the Portfolio for the Master of Library and Information Studies

Independent Study Materials

You and your advisor may decide that an independent study course would be a useful choice for your degree. Following are the forms for independent studies

Form Name
 LIS 5823 Internship
Policies, Procedures & Timeline
Memorandum of Understanding
Student Acknowledgement And Release
Student/Faculty Contract
Student Evaluation
Placement Supervisor Evaluation
Faculty Supervisor Evaluation
LIS 5920 Directed Research
Directed Research Contract
LIS 5940 Directed Project
Directed Project Contract
LIS 5960 Directed Reading
Directed Reading Contract